Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maggie’s featured in University of Michigan Sustainable Fashion Show!

Recently, some of Maggie’s new Fair Labor Certified Apparel was shown at the student-run Sustainable Fashion Show at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The show was produced by UM’s Environmental Issues Commission (EIC), a group of students that promotes environmental awareness throughout the University.

This is Maggie’s second year participating in the fashion show. This time, we chose to premiere some of our new Fair Labor Apparel, including our Fair Labor Certified Pants and Hoodies – see them on the runway in the image to the left! Many thanks to Jessica Galin, the model pictured, for helping to make our clothes look stylish on the runway.

“At first the idea for a sustainable fashion show was a discussion during meetings between a few members of the group,” says EIC member Jill Schmutter, “We continued and elaborated on our passion to make students and the Ann Arbor community more aware of where their clothes came from and how they can support fair trade and environmentally friendly products.” The EIC collaborated with groups such as SOLE (Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality), the Peace and Justice Council, Lead Magazine, and (of course) Maggie’s Organics in creating the 2010 fashion show, entitled “JUST GREEN.”

The group was intent not only on promoting environmental awareness, but also to host the fashion show during Women’s History Month – “to promote the mind and body of the female spirit”, explains Ms. Schmutter. This is certainly an idea Maggie’s can stand behind; with the help of the Jubilee House, Maggie’s works with several women-owned and –operated businesses. We founded a 100% worker-owned women’s sewing co-operative in Nicaragua, in an area where women previously found themselves forced to work in sweatshops (if they found employment at all). Today, this co-operative (known as the Fair Trade Zone), is the world’s first and only 100% worker-owned free trade zone. You can read more about the Free Trade Zone our partners’ page.

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