Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hanging out at the Maggie's Headquarters in Ypsilanti

Inspired by customer requests, Taylor spent some time this week taking pictures around the office. You've all seen our pictures from the Fair Labor Certification process in Central America, but what is life like at the Maggie's office in Michigan? Well, let's take a look:

Here is the front of our office building. Before Maggie's moved into this building in 2002, it was a school and a bookstore. We're really happy with it because it has an attached warehouse, so we can handle all of our shipping in-house. Let's take a look inside.

Here’s Tom, our warehouse manager (and resident comedian), pulling an order for some Socks. Tom has worked with Maggie’s since 1998. He handles everything from labeling to shipping and receiving – which he refers to as “the old one-two.”

Here’s a box of our printed scarves back from VGKids, our local screen printer that we’ve been partners with for a long time.

Also in our warehouse is the table where Stephanie, one of our sales persons, has been assembling the new gift baskets. The sock monkeys look pretty content with their pails.

On top of Tom’s computer is the only tie-dye sock shark in existence – one of a few co-op animals that never made it to production. It was made from one of our organic cotton tie-dye crew socks and stuffed with polyester mill scrap.

Here’s Doug, our VP of Sales, hanging out in his office. Lately, Doug and Stephanie have been brainstorming ideas for the most efficient and eco-friendly way to go about making catalogs for our retailers.

In the conference room, Amber and a couple friends are inspecting a new shipment of our Fair Labor Certified Apparel. Amber is one of Maggie’s newest employees, and is doing a great job helping out with the apparel and communicating with stores.

Well that’s all for now – we hope you enjoyed a glance around our headquarters. If you want to see all of the pictures taken by Taylor, you can find them on our Flickr page here.

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