Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Introducing the new Barnyard Animals Series!

We are expanding our line of stuffed animals – this time it's an entire series of Barnyard beauties! Each animal is made from leftover socks and apparel pieces from Maggie’s, and are stuffed with reclaimed polyester mill scrap, so the entire project is helping save apparel products and waste from gathering up in landfills!

The Barnyard Animals are all made by Opportunity Threads, the new sewing cooperative located in North Carolina that also makes our Sock Monkeys and Penguins.

Check out the adorable designs - they are the creation of the members of the co-op themselves. Our first animals, the Monkey and the Penguin, were pretty much designed by Maggie's, and then we worked with the co-op to make changes. But this time the folks at Opportunity Threads provided the creative energy behind the series. The co-op's ingenuity is amazing, especially given that they are designing around the irregular socks and materials we have available.

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